[pei@server ~]$ summary

Hey, this is Pei. My hometown is Taipei. Since 2015, Germany became my second home.

I’ve been working with developer-focused open-source software (e.g. time series database and ML framework) for some years.

I’m a Financial Analyst turned into Product Manager. In my earlier career, I realized my passion lies in making impacts through building products that users and customers love.

Currently, I’m exploring new career opportunities in open source, blockchain, and/or data spaces. Hit me up if you’re interested in working together!

[pei@server ~]$ what-i-did

  • Exploring, learning, and building… (2023- )
  • Cohort8 Fellow at SheFi (2023- )
  • Product Manager (GTM) at QuestDB (2021-2022)
  • Developer Relations / Product Manager at Jina AI (2020-2021)
  • Participant of HackFS Hackathon hosted by ETHGlobal (2020)
  • DevCon5 Scholar at Ethereum Foundation (2019)
  • Business Development Manager at Cloud&Heat Technologies (2018-2020)
  • Senior Financial Analyst at Yahoo! (2011-2014)
  • Project Management at Cloud Computing Center, Institute for Information Industry (2010-2011)

[pei@server ~]$ what-i-studied

  • MSc in Management (Focusing on Innovation Management, Marketing, and Economics)
  • BBA in Finance (Finance and Cooperatives Management)

[pei@server ~]$ what-else

I’m passionate about technology, open-source software, and user-centric products. Besides working, I like to play games, read books, and take a walk in the forest.