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Hi, this is Pei. I am a financial analyst, product manager, and advocate for open source software. My passion for open source and dev tools motivated me to start learning programming.

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Career Break
Builder@ Career Break

03.2023 - now

  • Built full-stack web applications at a full-time coding bootcamp
  • Other stuff in life
Product Manager, Go-to-Market@ QuestDB

09.2021 - 01.2023

QuestDB (YC S20) is a high-performance open source database for time series and its use cases cover financial trading, IIoT, renewable energy, and fleet tracking.
    Jina AI
    Product Manager, Developer Relations@ Jina AI

    09.2020 - 09.2021

    Jina AI is an open source software company that provides MLOps platform for multimodal AI, neural search and generative AI.
      Cloud&Heat Technologies
      Business Development@ Cloud&Heat Technologies

      08.2018 - 08.2020

      Cloud&Heat provides managed Kubernetes, managed OpenStack, and sustainable datacenter solutions.
        HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management
        MSc in Management@ HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management

        09.2015 - 11.2017

        • Innovation Management
        • Economics & Regulation
        • Marketing
        Product Management Intern@ Solvemate

        01.2017 - 03.2017

        Solvemate is a ML-powered chatbot that helps companies to automate customer support.
          Seoul National University
          Global MBA@ Seoul National University

          09.2016 - 12.2016

          Semester abroad
            Senior Financial Analyst@ Yahoo!

            11.2011 - 12.2014

            My responsibilities covers forecasting & reporting, revenue & cost analysis, audience metrics, PR/PO management, reorganization project management, etc.
              National Taipei University
              BBA@ National Taipei University

              09.2006 - 06.2010

              Finance and Cooperative Management


                • JavaScript / TypeScript
                • React
                • Next.js
                • Tailwind CSS
                • Node.js
                • Express
                • Prisma
                • HTML / CSS
                • QuestDB
                • Linux
                • Git


                • Figma
                • Productboard
                • GitHub
                • Shortcut
                • Jira