Devcon V Scholars Program - The Beginning

I am accepted!

In the last two months I have thought of various of topics I could potentially use for my very first article on Medium. Well, I never expected it would be about Devcon5. But hey, this is real. On Jul. 17, 2019, I woke up in my bed seeing an email with the title [Devcon 5], which drew my attention immediately. Long story short, I received a full scholarship for attending Devcon5!



So what exactly is it about?

The Devcon5 Scholars Program provides a certain amount of scholarships to students or people from the under-represented groups in the current tech community so they could also experience the magic of Devcon5. The scholarships are provided by Ethereum Foundation.

Devcon5 Scholarships

In 2016, I heard about blockchain for the first time while I was working on the Innovation Management project for Postbank. I learned some facts about blockchain and Ethereum smart contracts but due to the lack of ground technical knowledge, I was not able to get deep at that time. Half a year ago, blockchain topic has come into my life again because of my current job (I am business developer at an IT startup) and that I got to know some people who currently work on blockchain projects. Afterwards, I read some articles about Devcon3 & 4, and my established impression that “Devcon is only for developers with strong technical knowledge” has since been changed.

In fact, this is how Ethereum Foundation defines Devcon on the event website:

“Devcon is the Ethereum conference for developers, researchers, thinkers, and makers.”

Even though I am not a software developer, I am as passionate as others in this community about how blockchain will impact our ways to live, work, and play. Why shouldn’t I be attending too?

My dream comes true

As much as I want to join, I don’t have the travelling budget for it. Therefore, nothing about Devon5 had been planned for me this year… until I saw this post on Twitter:



Then you know what happened after that. I was excitedly applying for the scholarships and then was accepted. Essentially, being part of Devcon5 Scholars Program encouraged me to eventually start writing my first article here. In the following months, I will write more articles about my Devcon5 experience and maybe other topics. Now I am finally really close, feeling so excited about meeting enthusiastic participants from all over the world in Osaka at Devcon5. If you are also attending Devcon5 and would like to meet up for some chats, feel free to leave a comment and get in touch! ❤️


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