How I end up hosting my own blog with Ghost

Yes, I am just a casual blogger. I published my first article on Medium in July 2019 and it was about Ethereum Foundation's Devcon V Scholars Program. After that, I continue to write when nice ideas pop up, like once a few months.

I chose Medium to start with because it seems to be the easiest platform for blogging beginners. But after I published my second article, I started to want a blog that looks more personalized. I understand that Medium is a great tool especially about gaining new readers naturally, but I still have this urge to create my own blog. So I decided to try out some different solutions.

First, I started with Hugo, a static content generator for websites. I just got into the world of using CLI at that time, so it was an interesting project for me to practice some newly learned skills. I recorded my learning process here. Thanks to Github Pages, it's still alive at After all I really like Hugo, but I clearly know I don't have enough skills yet to make the best out of it.

Then, I went for one of the most popular blogging solution, WordPress. I also obtained my first domain for that site. After a couple of months, I have the feeling that WordPress still is not the platform  that I want to settle for due to some super minor reasons:

  1. It is more than a blog. I want a simple and clean platform for blogging but WordPress is providing way more than that. WordPress is giving me a lot of room for customization but eventually distracting me from writing.
  2. There are plenty of free themes but nothing clicks with me. Most of the themes available are pretty fancy and would be good for business sites or product landing pages. I am aware that the ideal method would be creating my own theme but I really don't feel like to make that effort (Yet I am willing to host my own blog, I see the irony here 😜).

Recently, I started to play around with Ghost. It's pretty plain. By saying that I mean you don't have all those handy features such as dashboard, page customization in GUI, or numerous of plugins etc.. The interface is clean and simple, just how I like it.

After trying it out for two weeks very intensively, I decided to make Ghost the new home for my blog. As a side note, I am still posting my articles on Medium, because it's a great platform to interact with other authors that I like.

I know some people might wonder, why so much hustle and bustle? I don't even publish articles that frequently, but I am spending so much time on testing around like I am going all professional.

Really it's nothing rational. I just want to feel happy with my very casual personal blog.

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